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Great landing page. Compared to something like Shipixen, the output is infinitely more aesthetically pleasing. Bought.

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Doug Silkstone, Technical Lead & Product Owner

Stop wasting time on repetitive tasks.

ZippyStarter is a ready-made solution, providing everything you need to launch, so you can focus on more urgent matters.

Save Days

MDX blog, no backend needed

MDX files are the back-end powering your blog. Use the CLI to create posts.

Save 4 hrs

SEO optimisation

All pages are configured with on-page SEO & structured data out of the box.

Save 1 week

Page Templates

Home, landing, about, pricing, blog, category, portfolio pages included.

Save Days

Blazing fast

Page speed scores of 100.

Save 4 hrs

Image placeholders

LQIP placeholders are automatically created for every image.

Save 1 Day

Created for EEAT

Zippy Starter makes it easy for you to be recognised as an author.

Save 2 hrs


You get a sitemap out of the box, essential for indexing purposes.

Save 2 hrs

Contact form

Just add your email provider credentials to start receiving emails.

Save 3 hrs

UI components

ShadCN is configured to work with Tailwind and a library of UI components.

Save 4 hrs

Dark mode

Dark mode / light mode is automatic, and applied to all components.

Save 2 hrs


PostCSS, Tailwind, TypeScript, eslint, Jest, ContentLayer.

Save 2 hrs

Next.js 14 & App router

Zippy Starter runs on the new app router of Next.js, fully configured.

Avoid days of setup, design & development. Launch your digital presence, FAST.

How does it work?


Once you gain access to the Github repo, you can clone. Update the handy config file, and run it locally to see it in action.

git clone zippystarter

Examples of cloned code


Choose which pages you want, re-mix any templates, use components as you need, and add content to static pages.

Examples of customizable templates


Make use of the handy CLI to generate blog posts with images, meta data, and categories, then write to your hearts content.

pnpm post

Example of CLI used to generate blog posts


Use the Vercel integration, CLI, or your own pipeline to deploy.

git push

Diagram of deployment

What people are saying

Who the hell am I,
and why did I build this?

Photo of Morgan Feeney

Allow myself to introduce.... myself.

👋 I’m Morgan, a senior frontend dev with 5 years experience building with Next.js and React for companies of all shapes and sizes, you can learn more about me on linkedIn & via my website.

Initial motivation

I’m a huge fan of MDX and Next.js, especially the authoring experience MDX provides. MDX removes the need for a backend, or CMS, so there are less dependencies to manage.

Blending MDX with Next.js is made out as a utopia, but in reality isn’t because of the hidden pain of setup time and configuration. I know this first-hand from building multiple MDX blogs and marketing websites, for example my personal website.

You can waste days simply reading & following numerous half-baked examples to get somewhere close to where you want to be.

However, once setup it works brilliantly, which is where ZippyStarter shines.

ZippyStarter takes all that pain and setup cost away, leaving you with the authoring experience you wanted right from the start, and even more.

Through it you can benefit from my experience, and use a boilerplate I’d be proud to use on any project.


First and foremost ZippyStarter is a boilerplate, saving you massive amounts of setup time designing and coding. I’ve included features you get with platforms such as WordPress to make your life easier.

Premium templates

Platforms like Framer and Webflow offer some really fun, interactive and well designed premium templates that Next.js is lacking. I want to bring the same level of premium templates to Next.js.


Creating MDX files is made simple with the CLI that comes with ZippyStarter, run a command, fill in the prompts and you’ll have a categorised blog post in a few seconds.

Shipping fast

I want you to be able to use ZippyStarter for anything, from a simple, standalone, landing page, to a full-blown marketing website. I want the process to be easy and as pain-free as possible.

Getting found on the SERPS

I want your content to get found on search engines, so I’ve baked in a ton of SEO benefits that I always end up installing on every Next.js project.

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ZippyStarter is yours for life with just one purchase. Use it for unlimited projects, with no extra fees.

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  • Nextjs 14 boilerplate
  • MDX blog & portfolio
  • MDX legal pages
  • Post generator
  • SEO ready
  • Component library
  • Contact form
  • Hundreds of themes
  • Landing page
  • Shadcn, Tailwind, TypeScript & more
  • Exclusive 50% early-bird discount
12 spots




  • Nextjs 14 boilerplate
  • MDX blog & portfolio
  • MDX legal pages
  • Post generator
  • SEO ready
  • Component library
  • Contact form
  • Hundreds of themes
  • Landing page
  • Shadcn, Tailwind, TypeScript & more
  • Templates (see example)
  • Lifetime updates
  • 30% early-bird discount

Frequently asked questions

  • Bespoke premium templates, including:
    • Landing page
    • Home page
    • Blog post & category pages
    • About page
    • Author page (coming soon)
    • Portfolio post & category pages
    • Terms & conditions pages
    • Contact page with functionality to receive emails
  • MDX blogging functionality
  • CLI for generating blog posts easily
  • A mixture of mainly bespoke components, supplemented by UI components from ShadCN
  • A range of utilities
  • Config and functionality needed to build a production grade marketing website, blog, landing page, portfolio, or combination of all three and more.
  • Updates for life

Apart from an exclusive 50% discount, you'll be one of the first to access ZippyStarter when it's available, you'll get access for life including any new features and improvements I'm working on.

Yes, you can request a refund within 7 days of your purchase. Email me here

Immediately after you pre-order you'll receive instructions on how to clone the private repository. If you have any issues reach out to me directly.

The blog is built with Next.js and MDX. You can write in plain markdown, or use a blend of markdown and JSX, everything gets rendered as HTML. No backend or CMS is required to run this, read more about it on the blog. The layout includes a Table of Content's Component that automatically generates an on-page navigation for you from the post headings. There's also ample space to add CTAs

Only as part of client work, you can't re-sell or redistribute the templates, components, or any of the code, for instance as another boilerplate, template or a component library.

See the license page for more details.

Build unlimited commercial or personal projects with it. You could build a blog, a portfolio, a marketing website, a SaaS landing page and more. The only limit is your imagination. It's scalable and can be extended.

YES! I'll be sharing news about the direction ZippyStarter is going itn, any new features I've implemented and am planning to implement.

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Stop wasting time on repetitive tasks.

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