Welcome to ZippyStarter

ZippyStarter isn't your typical boilerplate, it's focus is marketing, and is wired up with MDX so you dont have to deal with backends, databases, and CMSs.

With ZippyStarter, as soon as you clone it the code is yours for life. It's the starting point for your own website/s. You can clone a fresh copy every time you start something new.

What kind of content can I create?

ZippyStarter supports a variety of MDX content types:

  • Blogs
  • Web Pages
  • Portfolios

The platform is already equipped with sample pages for each of these content types, providing you with a hands-on experience right from the start.

Content creation is flexible and user-friendly. You can either utilize the built-in CLI of ZippyStarter for streamlined content generation or opt for manual creation if that aligns better with your workflow.

Built on Next.js

At its core, ZippyStarter leverages the power of Next.js' App router, incorporating advanced features like optional catch-all segments. This enables the creation of dynamic yet static pages, offering both versatility and speed.

SEO comes as standard

With a foundational emphasis on SEO, ZippyStarter is crafted to empower your personal branding and marketing efforts. The platform ensures that your website is not just fast and responsive, but also optimized for search engine visibility.

Save time

To enhance your development journey, ZippyStarter includes numerous features and functionalities that would typically require extensive research and implementation effort. We've streamlined this process for you, so you can focus more on creating and less on the setup.