Explore ZippyStarter's dependencies including ShadCN components, Tailwind CSS, FontAwesome icons, Framer Motion, and more for enhanced web development.


ShadCN offers a range of additional components you can copy and paste into new files. It's compatible with Tailwind.

CSS frameworks

Tailwind is used throughout, except for a handful of custom CSS, and some CSS modules files.


CSS Animation


If you want to create new content types, simply copy what's already been done, if you get stuck refer to the contentLayer docs


Most images make use of a package named plaiceholder to create a LQIP (Low Quality Image Placeholder), this package is based into the NextImage.tsx component which uses Image from Next.js under the hood, you can also use Image if you prefer.


The contact form is powered by Nodemailer


CSS class concatenation is handled with

Rehype pretty code

Tailwind container queries