Explore the role of frontmatter in MDX files: your guide to mastering metadata like title, date, author details, and more for enhanced SEO and content clarity.

Frontmatter in MDX is placed at the top of your MDX file and is typically formatted in YAML. This section holds crucial information about your post, which can include:

  • Title: The name or headline of your post.
  • Date: The publication date, often used for sorting and archiving.
  • Description: A brief summary of your post's content.
  • Author Details: Information about the author, such as name and avatar.
  • Tags/Categories: Keywords or topics that the post relates to.
  • Featured Image: A main image for the post, with attributes like URL, alt text, dimensions, etc.

ZippyStarter is preconfigured with frontmatter, but you can customize it further with things like toggling display settings or adding custom fields relevant to your content.