Lucide's React Icons come pre-installed, the best and easiest to configure of all icon libraries.

Most icon libraries are either convoluted (e.g fontawesome), or limited, but not Lucide, I'm seriously impressed with this one, so much so that I made it the default with ZippyStarter and will for any project I work on.

Lucide is an open-source icon library that provides 1000+ vector (svg) files for displaying icons and symbols in digital and non-digital projects

import { Camera } from 'lucide-react';
// Usage
const App = () => {
  return <Camera size={48} className="text-primary absolute left-0" />;
export default App;

With over 1000 icons you'll probably want to kno how to find the one you want, just head on over to the lucide icons page and search to fid the icon you need.